Syberian Sauna

We are direct importers sauna garden in the form of barrels and logs bath (hot barrel).
With many years of experience and tradition of our employees, we offer you the highest quality products in a wide range of sizes, colors and additives, at very attractive prices.

Our company stands out is that our products are made with real Siberian wood. Siberian timber characterized it that thanks to high humidity and favorable conditions, wood has a large annual increase making it less resin and therefore more resistant to weather conditions.

Saunas are made of dried wood with a thickness of 40 mm (Siberian spruce) impregnated with natural oil for wood, all depending on the size of the sauna is a tense few bands of stainless steel.

Circuit sauna is 210 cm, length from 2m to 6m.

The roof is covered with bitumen shingles (choice of color). The center of the sauna is finished linden wood (the second layer of the wall 15mm) for a total of 55 mm wall thickness and provides excellent insulation.
It is possible to produce different configurations and sizes saunas, in a variety of shades.

The sale also called. barrel after the sauna (small barrels of 1m x 1m with a ladder to cool off after the sauna)

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Bath tubs will help you and your guests not only to relax in a hot bath especially on cold winter evenings, but also by hardening the body stay healthy.

Pools are very widespread in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The heated wood tubs are often called Japanese or Norwegian sauna. We can also use them on hot days, using it as a cooling pool.

Pools are made of pine wood with a thickness of 44mm (Siberian spruce, Siberian larch) impregnated with oil, stapled two clips of stainless steel.

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